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Meet Jenn Borovy, Founder and Trauma Informed Coach at Ten10Coaching

Photo by Rachel Woods, Smoke Signal Media

“A place where educators and non-profit workers will find support”

Jenn Borovy fiercely believes in doing the hard work necessary to live a whole and healed life, that your well-being impacts every aspect of your life, and that it’s never too late to find joy, purpose, and meaning again. 

A leader in public education for 13 years, Jenn first began Ten10Coaching after doing the hard work for herself and her family. She saw the results of strong boundaries, therapy, and building community. She was able to live life as a wife, mom, daughter, and friend without being derailed by challenges that life dished out. Jenn decided it was time to equip others with the same tools and strategies so they could find the same joy in their lives.

And here’s why…

In December of 2019, Jenn was 1 of 2 staff members selected as Teacher of the Year. Despite the celebrations, she spent the recognition assembly/reception at home.. The truth was that she was over-performing, had no professional boundaries, and was walking with an immense amount of Secondary Traumatic Stress. The idea of celebrating something that was actually destroying her seemed wrong.

Shortly after that, COVID struck the country and the education system shut down. Jenn used this time to reset priorities, adjust her pace, and find time to pause. Unfortunately, the side effects of STS did not fade and the new boundaries were established a little too late. In the fall of 2020, Jenn experienced her first panic attack while teaching and began therapy and her healing process.

There is good news! These impactful experiences led to the creation of Ten10Coaching.

Ten10Coaching is the place where educators and non-profit staff/volunteers can receive the support they need in order to combat Secondary Traumatic Stress and not feel as if quitting their jobs is the only option. Ten10Coaching provides individuals and organizations with the training, support, and strategies they need to maintain healthy boundaries in their professional careers while remaining emotionally healthy.

Jenn’s story is one of overcoming rock bottom, admitting the need for help, and doing the work it takes to be the best version of herself she can be – which allows her to show up as a wife, mom, daughter, aunt, and friend that she wants to be.

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